Here & There

  • I made this amazing pear tart tatin for my book club last night. The end result was ridiculously impressive for my guests but it was actually very easy to do. Add it to the list of amazing things you can do with a cast iron skillet!
  • Side note: This is why I love Pinterest. Without it I never would have discovered this recipe and this blogger and now I have someone new to follow and learn from. 
  • Side note part deux: I feel like "blog" and "blogger" are uncool words now. Like "photocopy". Which I also say. Am I old? Mr. PW was helping me with some Squarespace back end stuff the other day and I confessed to him that I felt old. I used to be the young person that explained things to older people. Now all of a sudden I'm the old person that needs things explained! I do not like this, Sam I am.
  • Forgive the HuffPo link: Why Poor People's Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense.
  • A few days old but freshly heartbreaking: I Had a Stillborn Baby.  
  • Word of the week: doryphore. A pedantic, persistent critic. Someone who can find fault in everything and anything. Know anyone like that?