A Nail I can Hang The Day On

I don't normally get coffee in the morning. Our mornings are too compressed, too hectic to fit in the boiling of water, the steeping of grounds, and the packing away of a thermos in my bag. Mr. PW brews coffee in his office but I share my space with two other ladies, so I've refrained thus far, keeping coffee as a weekend indulgence, best appreciated in pajamas, perhaps with a cat or two tucked around me.

Today I happened to pack some cold coffee with me, as a treat, poured into a mason jar with a more than healthy jigger of half and half and a luxurious drip of simple syrup. And I couldn't help but notice that the mid-morning yawns and the after-lunch heavy eyes never appeared. I had a sense of purpose all day, knocking more items off my to-do list today than I have all week. I always thought I was relatively immune to caffeine. I've always been able to get to sleep after a late-night soda relatively easily, but I'm wondering if impending old age* and recent cutbacks in soda consumption have given me a new sensitivity.

And it kinda sucks, and I kind of hate it, because I shouldn't need to resort to stimulants to be competent, or make it through the day without bobbing for apples at my desk. How do you do it? Anyone have any tips for me?  I can't shake the feeling that no one is as constantly tired as I am; that no one struggles to complete basic life functions like I do, that I'm falling father and farther behind everyone I know.

Coffee by McKay Savage

*I'll be 33 in a couple of weeks, guys. That's super old.