Late Summer in Wisconsin is....

Eating Black Krim tomatoes from the garden, drowned in balsamic vinegar.

Wrapping up summer orientation activities, looking forward to the first week in September when the Baby Badgers are here for real. Getting ready to greet my new grad students, and all the attendant challenges that come with that.

Cramming in just one more visit from friends, one more weekend to go see family.

Catching a late-season Twins game in honor of my late father in law. Catching my first glimpse of Miguel Sano' in action.

Accepting delivery (from my brother) of my childhood piano (that's been hanging out at my grandfather's house for years). Not yet having said piano tuned. Experiencing waves of nostalgia sorting through all the sheet music in the bench.

Our lower level looks straight out of 1965.

Hauling home as much free (local, organic) sweet corn from my boss as I can fit on the bus seat next to me. Spending evenings blanching and freezing said corn for enjoyment in December.

Losing our minds over spotting a hummingbird in the backyard. Losing our minds again when we realize the goldfinch pair we've seen for the past three years is back.

Beginning the task of sorting through all the equipment and clothing and tasks that go with a new baby, because I'm expecting our first in February.

Hand me downs are the best, yo.

Spending more time resting than I have available to spend, because growing a human is hard.

Wandering across the perfect new kitchen table for our growing family. Not being able to agree on chairs to go with it.

Wearing a coat to work in late August, because WTF, Wisconsin.

Bracing ourselves for the influx of students, and the end of quiet Madison summers.