Five Feedings a Day

Last night Momma PW Facetimed us to show us the baby squirrels she was fostering for a few days through her volunteer position at the Fox Valley Wildlife Center. She had them in a towel-covered box, and pulled one out to show us:

Now tell me that's not adorable. Except for the disturbingly human-looking ears. Cannot unsee now, can you?

We're not terrible fans of adult squirrels in our house (because we're gardeners) but any baby is cute, and an animal in need deserves care, period. And come on, look at that widdle facy-face. The babies are only a couple of weeks old - the eyes aren't open, they have no fur, and of course they're drinking milk. Momma PW gives them milk in syringes every couple of hours, and after a couple of days they go back to the center where the staff can take care of them. The eventual goal is a full release into the wild, so it's important that staff cares for them as they get older so they don't imprint on humans.

Momma PW loves volunteering at the center! It's so much fun to get a phone call from her after a long day cleaning cages and feeding raccoons.  Sometimes she even gets to interact with rare animals like great horned owls or red foxes. It's really a second career for her, and I think if she didn't have so much family to care for she'd be there more often.